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Nursery care for Babies Ages 3 Months to 23 months

From the beginning...

Your childs journey begins with our initial meeting, where we'll ask you a few questions about your child and complete a Baseline Information Form. This gives us a picture of the childs home life and development and allows us to provide the best possible care for your baby. We'll talk about family members, sleep patterns, favourite toys & comforters, food, health, and special requirements.

We'll also talk about what you can do to help, and explain what we do to care for your baby and help your baby develop. Each child is allocated a keyworker who is responsible for day to day needs of their keychild. In the babies group, we provide one member of staff to three children to ensure sufficient care is provided.

The Nursery Room

The baby room is located in a large purpose built room filled with bright colourful decorations, making it a fun and welcoming play room.

Here's a few things we get up to during the day...

The Creative table - We use this for hand painting, play dough, and playing with shaving foam and gloop! All of these help to develop your childs sensory exploration.

Large soft play area – Age appropriate toys, and a soft play area encourages physical and social development, and helps to build communications.

Quiet area – The Quiet Area is a gentle place. Have a little nap, read a book, listen to a story at our daily story time, or sing a song. It's a place that most adults would dream of.

Cots & sleep mats – There are plenty of places to have a sleep, which is provided as and when
according to your childs routine.

Sand & Water trays – We use only locally sourced sand, along with buckets spades, moulds, jugs, and watering cans, to have some fun at the seaside and develop communication & creativity.

Sensory area – This area is full of colours, natural materials with fascinating textures, and shapes to stimulate the mind. This is where children can play with friends and develop social and sensory skills. It also helps to provide children with a better understanding of themselves.

Dinner table – Everyone comes together for dinner around one table. This encourages interaction, and all children are taught manners at the table. They have a choice of two meals daily, and we can accommodate special requirements. Staff sit with children and teach them how to eat and use cutlery.  For breakfast, they have Fruit, followed by Yogurt or Fruit Lunch. Tea is freshly prepped with your childs 5 a day of veg. They also have a healthy snack during the day.We have a Sofa for bottle feeding and the nursery room is next to the kitchen for hygienic storage of bottles.

Your Baby's Development Record

On induction, we make four weeks of observations of your child to make an initial judgment of their stage of development. From this, we create a Learning & Development Record which helps us to identify areas of strength, and also areas in which they may need extra help.  We can then make a learning plan for your child based around activities which they enjoy.

A Daily Communication Sheet is completed each day by our staff and sent home with the children to keep parents informed of what has been happening – This includes meals, activities, and details of sleep patterns.   A learning diary is also kept to inform you of your baby's development at the end of each month.  This can include photo’s and helps to show the learning we do during the day, so you can continue the same at home.

Parents evenings are held each term where we review a development report to aid your childs learning and keep you up to date with what we are doing to help your child.

Our Extracurricular Teams

We also invite extracurricular teams to Highfield Nursery, to involve the children in a range of activities.

Petite acting academy

Petite acting academy is an innovative performing and creative arts drama school for children aged 1-11. They use music and drama in a programme of action, songs, puppets, basic drama and movement skills.

The focus is on creativity and the curriculum to ensure our budding actors and actresses build confidence and self esteem in a safe and friendly environment, as well as learning.


If you have any questions regarding our Nursery care for your child, please call us on 01253 839397 or email


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